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Dentures in Hoffman Estates, IL

Dentures are often associated with the elderly, but that isn’t always the case. If you have lost all or most of your teeth, dentures are available to replace your missing teeth and restoring your smile. Whether you have lost teeth due to periodontal disease, decay or injury, dentures might be a great option for improving your health and appearance. Let’s take a closer look at dentures and how to restore your smile:

What are the Types of Dentures Available?

Today the most widely utilized dentures are partial and complete dentures. A partial denture can be removable and fills in the spaces left by missing teeth. By utilizing partial dentures we can prevent your other teeth from shifting or moving position, causing a crooked smile. Partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases, which are connected by a metal framework and attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps.

Complete dentures are full dentures that replace a full mouth of missing teeth. After teeth have been removed, and the gum tissue has begun to heal, a conventional denture will be created. Typically, conventional dentures will be put into place about 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed. On the other hand, immediate dentures can be utilized immediately as you wait for your conventional dentures to be created.

Contact our dentist to learn more about dentures and to find out if you are a candidate. Missing teeth don’t have to ruin your life–dentures are available to help restore your smile!