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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Hoffman Estates, IL

Are you experiencing multiple problems with your teeth and/or gums? If so, you might require multiple procedures in order to improve your oral health and wellbeing. With the availability of a full mouth reconstruction, we can help restore your teeth and oral health. The first goal of treatment with a full mouth reconstruction is to improve function, but any cosmetic benefits that may result will remain a secondary goal.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction procedure means you need multiple procedures to restore the health of your mouth, while also improving the aesthetics (as a secondary goal, of course). Since health and function of your teeth are the primary focus of full mouth reconstruction, virtually everyone is a candidate for this procedure (Yay!).  

Some of the dental issues that can be improved and corrected during full mouth reconstruction, include:

  • Missing and fractured teeth
  • Teeth with severe tooth erosion
  • Advanced periodontitis
  • Worn, uneven, and misaligned teeth
  • TMJ issues, including pain and teeth grinding

Full mouth reconstruction can reverse years of aging and neglect, so you can smile with confidence again. By seeking full mouth reconstruction you can move past pain and discomfort, and smile knowing your conditions have been improved–you’re just one step away from a healthy, functioning smile.

To learn more about full mouth reconstruction and the restorative dental treatments involved, contact your dentist today.