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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Hoffman Estates, IL

Are you embarrassed to smile, or enjoy a hearty laugh –just because your teeth’s fillings are dark? If your fillings are the old-fashioned metal amalgam fillings used by dentists in the past, it‘s time to come in and brighten your smile (and your life).

Tooth Colored fillings, known as composite fillings, are now the norm today in dentistry.

These natural looking fillings offer multiple advantages over the dark metal amalgam fillings, such as:

  • The color of the composite filling material closely matches your tooth color —making it very natural-looking. Most people won’t even know that you even have fillings!
  • Composite fillings are bonded to your tooth. This gives much more strength to the filled tooth than non-bonded fillings such as a metal amalgam.
  • Because of the bonding process, composite fillings seals the tooth. This process is more likely to help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Composite fillings are metal-free and don’t contain any mercury. (Metal amalgam fillings typically consist of about 50% Mercury!)

Natural, tooth-colored fillings can hide the fact you’ve had dental work done.
Composite fillings are a great advancement in dentistry; however, they do have some limitations. For example, if the filling is too large, it means the remaining part of the tooth may not have enough strength to resist cracking or breaking. Or, if a tooth is already cracked, a composite filling may not offer enough protection against breakage. But these challenging situations can still be overcome; specifically, a protective restoration (a crown or an onlay) may be recommended instead of a filling.